An Introduction to Rapid
Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™)

An Introduction to Rapid
Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™)

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT™) is the culmination of Marisa Peer’s life work. Having brought about rapid and permanent change in her client list of Hollywood celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and sports stars, Marisa developed her foundational method of RTT™ based on a deep analysis of her most troubling cases and stunning turnarounds. After countless requests from other therapists, she finally agreed to teach people all about RTT™.

Clients see RTT™ as a worthy investment

In doing so, she shared an archive rich with case studies of amazing client successes. Marisa Peer developed Rapid Transformational Therapy™ over a 30 year period, whilst working with clients from diverse backgrounds, presenting with a wide variety of issues. RTT™ quickly became her go-to approach, as it effectively provides the transformation that clients long for, but that other therapists often find difficult to deliver. Clients see RTT™ as a worthy investment as they get exactly what they want.

Clients see RTT™ as a worthy investment


Weight and Body Issues

Take a fresh approach to achieving your desired weight and keeping it under control. With RTT® I can change your relationship with food, as we discover the true causes behind your weight issue. Clients have amazing results with little effort.


Addiction is any harmful habit that delivers temporarily relief despite the negative consequences. RTT discovers the subconcious source behind the pain and brings it to awareness. We then work on releasing the guilt and shame associated with their addiction. Finally, new beliefs and behaviors are installed which override the urges to continue with old self sabotaging behaviors.

Motivations and Life Purpose

Find out how you can discover your life purpose so you can live a fulfilling life that you absolutely love

Narcissistic Abuse and Codependency

Painful relationships can wreak havoc on our mental health. They often lead to self isolation, depression and despair. our secure attachment system is biologically programmed in us, and our job is to simply find out what’s interfering with it. Understanding is the most powerful way to heal.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is often attributed to low self esteem. I help clients improve this area of their lives and provide practical support and coping skills to be able to kick the habit. The transformational audio is instrumental in both motivating the client with positive, exciting suggestions and convincing their subconcious that they hate to smoke.

Auto Immune Diseases

Auto Immune Diseases occur when the body attacks itself. There is seldom a medicinal cure because even the most well regarded physicians cannot seem to fully comprehend the nature of these illnesses. Using the science of neuroplasticity, RTT rewires the mind, installs messages of well being and stability. This science has been proven to change the way the brain interprets DNA, often leading to noticeable healing.


“The human mind is the most powerful healing force there is. No drug in the world can match it; therefore any steps you take to conceive must be accompanied by a belief that it will work.” – Marisa Peer

Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are often caused when one lives in a thought cycle driven by fear and security seeking. These emotions arise from subconscious beliefs likely installed at an early age. RTT is an effective way to uncover the underlying causes of these beliefs. We use a method called Role, Function, Purpose to get to the root cause of the problem and alleviate it by rewiring the mind, using a principle known as neuroplasticity.

Trauma / PTSD

Usually it is not an event that causes PTSD it is the meaning behind the event. RTT explores that meaning, address the symptoms, and helps the client develop new coping skills .

Other Issues:

Including Insomnia, Sport Performance, Phobias and many more.


RTT - 1 Session


RTT - 2 Sessions


RTT - 3 Sessions



21 Day Narcissistic
Recovery Program


  • RTT® is multi-award-winning and critically-acclaimed as a new go-to therapy.
  • RTT® stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy.
  • RTT® is multi-award-winning and critically-acclaimed as a new go-to therapy.

RTT® is a standalone therapy developed by Marisa Peer over 30 years. RTT® works by establishing the root cause of the problem, which is often not what our conscious minds would have us believe.

We work with our clients to establish the root cause of their problems.
In effect, RTT® identifies and corrects what really stops you from changing.

A single session will often generate significant change. RTT® delivers lasting results in 1–3 sessions, your therapist will discuss this with you in more detail on your initial consultation.

Sessions are typically administered via ZOOM.


Absolutely! RTT® is just as effective online as in person. Since RTT® is a closed eye process, like hypnotherapy, the only real difference between a face-to-face session and an online session is who provides the safe space.  Many clients report feeling even more relaxed when having RTT® at home.

The client will book a free consultation call which can take place either by phone or on ZOOM. Once the clients needs are established and both parties agree to move forward, a session will be booked and the client will be sent a brief intake form to fill out on line. RTT® sessions last 90 minutes – 2 hours. You must also commit to listening to the recording created for you in the session for 21 days. This locks in the changes made and is a vital part of the process.

  • Free 20-minute initial consultation.
  • 90 minute – 2 hour RTT® session.
  • Your bespoke audio recording, which you listen to for 21 days post-session and keep.
  • Two 20 minutes call follow-ups
  • Follow up with your therapist, approx 21 days post-session.
  • Full email support.

There are lots of fabulous therapies out there, but very few therapies are brave enough to look at the root cause specifically. 

Some therapies will focus on the behavior exclusively. Others believe that verbalizing the problem is enough to generate change. There are even some modalities that believe the root cause of a person’s problems is not important. 

Understanding is powerful in transforming beliefs & behaviors. That true understanding only comes when we delve beyond our conscious thoughts. If you really knew what the problem was you wouldn’t be here, right?

I will always be working towards your first session being the last session you will ever need.

As standard, we advise that RTT® delivers lasting results in 1–3 sessions, but your therapist will discuss this with you in more detail on your initial consultation.

Some clients want additional support and guidance and I am available to offering coaching services which provide whatever additional support a client needs. I like to refer to myself in this role as an accountability partner.